Thursday, January 6, 2011


Umm hi. I haven't blogged as I was very busy being spoiled over the holidays! Happy Holidays to all of our readers and a special thank you to Two Cats & a Pug for the Christmas Card! My mom let me open it... pictures to follow later. I hope Santa Pug found y'all!

My mama is visiting her family & friends in Canada but will be back home with me and the daddy pug soon. I miss her so much and I am going to go nuts when she gets home! Daddy pug is taking very good care of me and loving me extra while mommy's gone on vacation! I am also being walked daily by Auntie Magi which I very much enjoy as she is mama's best friend in the US and I love her and her hair dearly! Uncle Dennis, whom is not related to Auntie Magi, has been spoiling me too, but I still miss my mama lots. I also got to see my grandpuggy parents over the holidays!

Walks with Auntie Magi

I found these pictures of mama and some white fluffy stuff called "snow" and some golden fluffy dog called a "pom"... My mom's sister from another mother has this tiny dog named Heidi who is a pom that my mama has been snuggling (photo evidence....) Heidi is my skype girlfriend and I hope to meet her and walk with her someday, so I won't be jealous that mama is giving her snuggles while she's away.

We will get back to blogging as normal once mama returns!

Snorts & Love from Percy

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cool Things I do Thursday

This is me just playing with my stuffie from walmart (They cost 94 cents, please buy them - I totally recommended them if you are a pug, ahem... or other breed, who does not eat the stuffing from the stuffie)

My mama said she is taking a week off this blogging business, but I made her post this today. Next week we will be back with more exciting adventures of me!

Snorts & love!

Friday, December 10, 2010

I sleep with my eyes open

Here's the proof:



Thanks, now I am wide awake. Please move that camera device away from me and feed me unlimited amounts of cookies!!!

Any other dogs sleep with their eyes open, or just me? I swear I need to watch out and make sure we have no burglars and that no one is eating and not sharing with me!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cool things I do THURSDAYS

Got stuck under sofa (I was totally faking it though so I could hide a bone...). Got bribed out with cookies (which I am still waiting to receive..ahem...) Got yelled at to get outta the kitchen (yes, my mama is loud, she barks louder than a pug). AND got whip cream squirted in my pug eye (HELLO - They do stick out awfully far than other dog's eyes) but it was totally worth it for squirts of whip cream in my mouth!