Thursday, January 6, 2011


Umm hi. I haven't blogged as I was very busy being spoiled over the holidays! Happy Holidays to all of our readers and a special thank you to Two Cats & a Pug for the Christmas Card! My mom let me open it... pictures to follow later. I hope Santa Pug found y'all!

My mama is visiting her family & friends in Canada but will be back home with me and the daddy pug soon. I miss her so much and I am going to go nuts when she gets home! Daddy pug is taking very good care of me and loving me extra while mommy's gone on vacation! I am also being walked daily by Auntie Magi which I very much enjoy as she is mama's best friend in the US and I love her and her hair dearly! Uncle Dennis, whom is not related to Auntie Magi, has been spoiling me too, but I still miss my mama lots. I also got to see my grandpuggy parents over the holidays!

Walks with Auntie Magi

I found these pictures of mama and some white fluffy stuff called "snow" and some golden fluffy dog called a "pom"... My mom's sister from another mother has this tiny dog named Heidi who is a pom that my mama has been snuggling (photo evidence....) Heidi is my skype girlfriend and I hope to meet her and walk with her someday, so I won't be jealous that mama is giving her snuggles while she's away.

We will get back to blogging as normal once mama returns!

Snorts & Love from Percy


  1. You two are adorable. Don't stay out there to long or you will look like a pom snowball
    Benny & Lily

  2. Your mom is having a grand ol' time with that pom, but I'm sure she misses your curly tail self. Trust me, you don't want any of that snow stuff. Give your mom the crazy sugars when she gets home!

  3. i'm sure mommy misses you, we have a pom friend too!

  4. Oh boy, Percy. That Heidi-girl is pretty darn cute! You may need to punish your Mom for that snuggle-time. I say you should wait 2 seconds before rushing at her when she comes home. That will really show her!


  5. Those Poms are something else! We have two Pom cousins. And your momma will be home before you know it!

  6. Hello! I'm Chicco a small dog and i found your beautiful blog. Would you like to visit me ?


  7. hey...
    Your mom is having a grand ol' time with that pom, but I'm sure she misses your curly tail self.

  8. Percy, you're missing in action! Come back!

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