Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I pooped in a hole

Really, I pooped in a hole. I ran over to a hole, did 3 pugtonas, and pooped in it. Directly in the hole in the grass.

Sadly, my mom said there will be no pictures today as they are not blog appropriate and it may cause reactions such as "YUCK" and other puggys thinking they can sniff/eat the computer screen. But since I am the alpha pug (or so I think...) I came up with this thanks to my friends Google Image Search and Paint. I recreated it to the best of my pugbilities.

Saying Goodbye

Our dearest friends are moving today. Kelly & Ron and my pal MAC, so today I dedicate my blog post to Mac.

This is Mac (the golden guy) at the dog park. Mac's mom would take us to the park with her everytime she went. We will definitely miss that since my mama doesn't like driving in this city (she will only drive me to the dog park!)

Mac is an old geezer... he's 13 and he doesn't care much for me. Maybe its because his parents mush me and not him. But he does look out for me at the dog park to make sure other dogs aren't mean to me. Here he is with my pal Grits' tail in the back (the whitey) and there's Riley the terrier that molested me that day at the park. Mac never lets me get too close to him when we go to his place for coffee & the Today Show in the mornings (My mama has a crush on Matt Lauer). And when he comes here with his mommy he steals my bones off the floor and eats them. Sometimes I purposely leave them out for him to consume because I love him so much.

Mac is part golden part chow chow part something else I think. He is beautiful. He's one of the sweetest dogs my mama has ever met she said.

This is the picture of the closest Mac has ever got to me. (Note: this only would happen at the dog park)

There's the terrier trying to molest me again, but don't pay attention to that. Look at Mac's beautiful tail. I love it, it's so fluffy and out there and not curly like mine. I can actually grab it... and sometimes I do when we go for walks together. When I do that Mac teaches me not to and growls at me. He has been a great pack leader to me like that. He would never hurt me or eat me, just scare me. I am going to miss going on daily walks around our apartment complex with Mac.

Please think of Mac & his family as they travel back to their home state of Michigan for a safe journey and hope that my mom's favorite weather man Al Roker forecasts warmer weather up there, as his parents have got used to the warmth of Louisiana. Best of luck Mac, Kelly, and Ron - we will miss you!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cool things I do

My mama and daddy got me when I was 8 weeks old. From that moment I have heard my mama say how good that daddy's mama is at teaching dogs tricks and how she wanted to be just as good. Here's a pic of me snuggling with a photo of my grandpuggyparents' dogs - Sammy the PUGGLE and Emma Lou the RESCUE. We are all American dogs with Canadian parents. It will probably be a long time before I meet them as it took mama and daddy 4 days to drive to Louisiana from Nova Scotia. I even have a 5x7 picture of them hanging above my crate because I love them so much.

The night I came to my home, my mama taught me how to come and my name. Then she taught me to sit. I figured if I was getting a treat everytime I sat, then I'd do it. Sometimes I sit just when I want to get a treat and sometimes my mama doesn't notice. So that's how it started, then every day my mom helped me learn new things. I can sit, shake, lay down, jump up, and take a bow. Oh I fetch sometimes too. (I also heel and drop things and stay) I learned all those by the time I was 10 weeks old. We're working on dancing and rolling over now. One more cool thing I do - I get out of the kitchen when mom says "Outta the kitchen" - a cool trick she picked up on from my grandpuggyparents, Sammy & Emma do it too. (Videos soon of my tricks, my mom is having technical difficulties)

Then my mom started to get sad because I wouldn't speak. She tried everything. She used a clicker and treats when I barked at weird things outside. Nope, didn't work. Then one day while my mom was eating CHEESE she looked into these sad puggy eyes and couldn't resist - she gave me a piece. And that's when I figured out how to beg and how to speak. My mom just kept saying speak about 10 times and then I started barking. And now I bark all the time, even if I'm not getting treats. I never made a peep before then. Not even a whine!

My mom can't teach me how to roll over. I'm still not quite sure what that is. But my grandpuggyparents taught Sammy how to roll over I guess and they just say Sammy 360 and he does it. And Emma Lou does this cool trick called BANG! where the grandpuggyparent pretends to shoot her (they make their hands look like a gun, must be something to do with people thumbs) and she plays dead. I can't wait to meet my grandpuggyparents at Christmas so they can teach me these cool tricks too! In the meantime, I will sleep and dream about them and dream about someday playing with Emma Lou and scheming with Sammy to figure out ways to get more treats/food/anything nutritional/not nutritional.......

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Juicy Pug Farts

Today I'm blogging about my juicy pug farts, as mom calls them. Just for my first commenter ever, Wilma (please read her bloggy too - if there's anyone out there reading this!)

You see, ever since I started eating Science Diet (which I love) I've had these juicy pug farts. Science Diet puppy smells just like it tastes, a combination of the scent of fish oil mixed with some Percy poop. My mom believes because there is so much fish oil in it that it makes my farts juicy sometimes, especially at night. They are stinky and it started off as a joke...I would have a pug fart on the couch and mom & dad would say how much it stunk. Mom said it smelt like it was fresh and it was juicy. Honestly it smells worse than any dog or pug fart she's ever smelt on the face of the earth. I feel embarrassed every single time I fart.

This is pre juicy pug farts, right here I coulda ripped one in mama's face but I didn't.

I love laying on my mom's lap while she is playing on the computer and reading other pug blogs. Its my favorite place to lay down. Anywhoo, one night I felt a JPF coming on... and mom was wearing jammies that were flood pants (she swears they shrink everytime she washes them)... so I said pfft and let 'er rip. Bad idea. It really was a juicy pug fart. I ACTUALLY expelled some type of brown poop like watery substance on my mom's exposed ankle. I felt terrible, I mean I know she was joking about these juicy pug farts, I really didn't want to do it, but the body had to make a choice, either continue sleeping in my favorite lap and let 'er rip, or get up and be uncomfortable and cranky and expell a nice JPF on the floor. I close option A. My mom was peeved but laughed so hard and ran and told daddy as she sanitized her leg. I felt relief.

This is mid juicy pug fart....

And this... get ready...is after the juicy pug fart

Anyone else have the JPF problem, or am I alone?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sleepy pug

Since it rained yesty, my mama took me to the dog park today for 2 hours to burn off my puglet energies. We met up with Penny and Bender and their mama and her mama, then right before we left my pal Cosmo showed up. He is my favorite boy puggy everrrrr. I love his snorts and his barks and how cute he is! We all did Pugtonas, including Bender because he secretly believes he's a pug too. Now this pug is gonna nap because I am tired!

Friday, November 26, 2010

American Pug Thanksgiving

Yesty was Thanksgiving. American Thanksgiving. Since I was born in the USA but my parents weren't, I celebrated by eating lots of whip cream and from the can and CHEESE. Mommy and daddy went somewhere without me (no dog friendly places here, ugh) called Golden Corral (which is some stupid buffet...pfft all you can eat - IMAGINE THAT!) for their dinner. They secretly love that place and they say it feels so good to go in but they feel bad when they come back home. Maybe they feel bad because they didn't even bring me a doggie bag....hmmm... but I think daddy got the stinky pug farts like me...
 Then - get this - afterwards my mom texted my pug girlfriend's mama to wish her a happy Thanksgiving and she said if she would of known they were doin' that Golden Corral thing she would of had us over for supper. Which means I probably would have been fed and I would of seen Penny. We are super thankful for them!

After dinner my parents took off again in the middle of the night for something called Black Friday. I wondered if Penny went too as she is the prettiest blackie pug everrrrrr, then I remembered there aren't many dog friendly places here. It was their first time doing this thing and they camped out in a line at Walmart for 5 hours for a laptop they wanted. The old one was great but bit the dust Wednesday night. Mom knew it was going to break and was hoping to make it til American Thanksgiving before it did. RIP Canada Laptop April 2009-November 2010. (Also why we haven't blogged in a few days) I guess the good thing was when they got home at 5:30 am, I was fed an early breakfast and I knew mommy and daddy were tired so we slept a good chunk of the day away. Now mom feels like a zombie and daddy is gone to the airport to pick up a VIP from home, daddy's boss! We loves him and now he is moving here too, so we will have a fellow Canadian living in our city! Horrah!

This picture is of me in my jacket because it was like 35 degrees here today aka very cold. I had to wear this jacket today and totally need a new one (hint hint Daddy...) cuz I've grown and this one is too small... It also rained cats and dogs (although I didn't see one fall from the sky - I looked!) so it was super dooper cold. Maybe Santa pug will bring me new clothes and warm jackets and treats and cheese and everything else yummy.....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Takin' it easy

Today I need to "take it easy" according to my mom (whatever that's supposed to mean...)
This is a picture of me "taking it easy" a few weeks ago.

The reason I have to "take it easy" is because on the weekend my mom went to this lousy store called the Dollar Tree (where everything is $1) and left me home. Because she didn't check her phone while she was gone, I missed out on a potential date with my girl puggy Penny, which I was so peeved about.
Anyway, mom is from a small town in Canada with a population of under 2500 people, so dollarstores are nice there and the quality is a little better than here. Everytime she goes out and leaves me home she comes home with a new toy (like my 94 cent stuffie from Walmart - see it in the picture with me?... which I love.. I have two of them) or a new treat. I forgot to mention - I love eating cheese because its one of the only things that agree with my tummy besides Science Diet.

So, mom goes to this dollarstore, it was kinda shady. She seen tons of stuffies and god knows why she didn't buy me one, but instead she seen these things called Beef Flavor Sticks (?) and thought I would like them. She thought they were just rawhides and I love rawhides. I hoard them in my Percy House and have about 30 in there at any given time, but I don't like to eat them, I like to save them. So mom thought, "oh,well let's try these" and got me the cheap, cheap sticks.(There were about 20 in a pack)

She came in and gave me one. YUM. I devoured it. Then I had another one that night. Then yesterday, I had another one, and another, and then mommy said I had too much. So I seen she put them on a barstool so I stood up, knocked her purse out of the way, and got a stick out of the pack for myself. Bad idea.

Last night I got up to go pee, or so mom thought. She was very tired so daddy took me. I pooped for him and as usual, he left it for mom to pick up, and he brought me in. It was dark so maybe he didn't notice that my poop was extra soft or that I had to poop so late and that's not my schedule. I'm not sure but I sure am glad he took me out when he did. He brought me in and put me in my crate, although I normally sleep in the bed. I was a good puggy although my tummy was rumbling and I didn't feel well, I didn't poop in my crate.

So mom gets up this morning, discovers I am not in the bed, remembers daddy took me out in the night, and finds me in my crate. Normally I will stay in there and grab one of my many hoarded rawhides to bring out with me before we go for a pee. Nope. Not today. My tummy was rumbing and I had to poop. I never poop right away. I always pee, come in, eat breakfast, go poop, come back in,sleep, then play. Everyday. But not today.

Mom was shocked. My poop was extra soft and the color of whatever those sticks were made of. So no more of the cheap sticks for me. Now I am back to normal poop, and I'm pretty sure it's because mom gave me a HUGE full piece of cheese everytime I "went" outside. Poop outside = cheese. Yup. I got this down pat.

Is there anything that makes your tummy rumbly?

Monday, November 22, 2010


My name is Percy Coco. I am a 5 month old pug. I love eating cheese. This picture is me and my girlfriend Penny. Our moms met at the dog park.

I live in Louisiana and my parents are both from Canada. They moved here cuz my daddy took a work transfer and my mommy tagged along. She is home all day and they both wanted to have a pug in Canada but where they lived they weren't allowed to have pets. So when they got here they found me in Mississippi and came and got me. They tried to rescue two pugs first but the pug rescue people said they were too sick and mommy and daddy couldn't adopt them. They were sad and a month later they found me.

We read lots of pug blogs like The Daily Puglet and I have been begging my mommy to blog about me. She says I am the center of attention when we go to the dog park. I love people and dogs, except for terriers because they either a) attack me or b) hump me. 

We went to a Pug meetup yesterday but not many people came. We were disappointed because the pug owners there was so irresponsible and not aware of pug health issues. The puggies were all Fatty McFats. One pug was overheating and it was hot in Louisiana so we felt bad. We didn't stay long. Maybe next time we will have a better pug meetup and it will be cooler out. How about your pug meetups? Does anyone find many pug owner's aren't aware of our health issues? Do you educate them to the best of your pugbilities?

Signing off,