Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cool things I do THURSDAYS

My mama found these videos of me. Please enjoy my puglet cuteness. I was about 8 weeks old when my mom taught me these tricks and filmed them. Please ignore my mama's bad hair do's, she forgot about herself when she first got me.
This one is where my mom taught me to shake. 

And this is the one where I sit, shake, and lay down.

Every Thursday I will try to put a video of me doing tricks. It will be called Cool Things I Do Thursdays. Suggestions for things you would like to see me do, just comment. 


  1. hi percy!
    thank you so muchf or saying hello today!
    it is so nice to meet you!
    have a wonderful day!
    m & e

  2. Hi Percy
    I am so impressed! I was 1 YEAR OLD before I mastered all that! But then again . . . I KNEW how I just PLAYED like I didn't.
    Love Noodles

  3. Percy,

    You are like a talented pug. Um, and you're showing me up! hehe


    Minnie Moo

  4. Wow, Percy, you learned to do a lot when you were just a wee beastie!! I love the pink crate in the background of the second video.... maybe not your color, but it sure is cute!

  5. Percy you are one smart puggie. I was way older before I did anything like that and well Tuni doesn't do any tricks. Mom says she is cute enough (whatevers). Do you dance? (I don't)


  6. Awwwhh! You puggies are smart too, you all discovered Blogland before me!

    Sequoia & Petunia - I can do a little dance but it's more like a hop on 2 paws and will do only for chicken fingers. We'll try to get a video of it for next week!

    Dw-- my crate (aka pop up trailer as my mom calls it) it's red... my mama said something about the blog sucking out the quality of the video... anyways I hate that damn crate. I don't like going in there unless I get bribed with CHEESE or peanut butter smooshed on a nylabone.

  7. Sammy and Emma LouDecember 2, 2010 at 6:07 PM

    Hi Percy!
    We just wanted to let you know that our Dad signed us p to follow you blog. He also told us that he and Mom are going to visit you over the holidays. Sure wish we could come too....

    Sam & Emma xoxoxoxo

  8. Oh Sammy & Emma Lou Lou Belle! Some day soon we will meet and until then let's all dream of snuggles and snorts and consuming large amounts of people food. Everyday I inspire to be the great doggles you both are and I can't wait til the day comes when I join your pack!!!
    xoxoxox Percy

  9. Hi Percy! You are SO talented!!! and cute too!!! Thanks for following our blog. We look forward to following you on your adventures too!

  10. Percy you are clearly some kind of pug prodigy.

    Mom's been trying to teach me to shake ever since I came to live with her a year ago and I'm not having any of it! I don't like people touching my paws. I think anyone who touches my paws wants to clip my nails and that is not okay with me!!


  11. Percy you are so talented. I'm a bit of a rebel and refuse to do stuff for mom. She knows my trick though because I learned to sit within the first week she had me. We would LOVE to see you do prayer hands and pray for a treat! Dream big we say.

  12. Hi kids thanks for stopping by. Cute !
    Benny & Lily

  13. Awesome job!!! You're so smart.

    Gracie the agility pug