Tuesday, December 7, 2010

sad puglet

Today I am kinda sad. My daddy got in a car accident on his way to work yesty morning less than a block from our house. He is OKAY thank pugness! The car on the other hand hurts and it's sick. No pics, we didn't have time to take them between running back & forth to the scene and home.

Daddy was at a stop sign in the right lane and in the left lane there was a big scary 18 wheeler truck. The 18 wheeler truck turned right, clipped the driver's side of daddy's door and one of it's 18 wheels started running over the door but then the driver of the 18 wheeler knew he had hit something and stopped, thank pugness or daddy wouldn't of been alright. Meanwhile daddy was still stationary at the stop sign while it was happening waiting till it was okay to go! Oh my pug we were scared when he called! Mama said daddy is very lucky. We are sad because daddy could of been very hurt. He called us as soon as it happened and she ran (with me! and in pajamas and two sweaters and yesterday's hair do) up the street to make sure he was okay. Then we got there and we had to go back to get something for daddy, and mama & I ran back home and she left me home in my crate. So I got even more sad because I was crated. I was so happy to see daddy was okay when he came home. Now the car is at some strange place and they have to assess it then fix it, so I will miss some doggle park trips in the mean time.

Mama mumbled something about Christmas and this happening so close to Christmas and then I heard more mumblings about hoping Percy gets lots of presents and more more mumbling about deductible (whatever that is...), so I am really hoping this supposed Santa Pug finds me this year. She mumbles stuff about Santa Pug only bringing gifts to good pugs, and not cheese demon, juicy pug farting bad puglets, kinda like cookies - bad pugs don't get cookies and treats but good pugs do, then there is another rule which confuses me - everytime I potty outside I come in and eat a cookie. Potty outside = cookie regardless if I am good or bad. Perhaps I need to eat more so I can turn into a cute poop machine who gets cookies a lot regardless of behavior....hmmm..... or I could do cute tricks like shake paw in the meantime for treats will I'm working on becoming a pro poop machine.


  1. Glad your daddy is okay. That's the best Christmas present.

  2. Percy! How scary for a lil pug like you! I am glad your daddy is okay.
    Love Noodles

  3. OMG that is sooo scary!!! We are so glad your dad is okay!!!! Christmas miracle?!?!

    ~The Monster Crew

  4. Oh Percy we were scared for your Dad. Glad he is ok now. We hope the car feels better too.


    PS we love cheese demon pug!

  5. Christmas miracle for sure. Having him safe is the best Christmas present ever, but I still wanna see this Santa Pug dude and I want some bones and treats and whatever else he wants to give me! (Perhaps some stuffies too...)
    Thanks all for your well wishes! And S&P The cheese demon has been tamed for a few days now!

  6. Oh Percy thank goodness your paw didn't get hurt. Accidents, cars and deductibles are all crazy talk. Who knows what it means. Just be good so you get presents
    Benny & Lily

  7. So sorry to hear about your daddy's accident. The daddy at our house totaled the car in an accident last week. There was a lot of rumbling about stuff at our house too! Glad to hear he is okay....cars can be replaced!

  8. Oh no!!! We are so glad your dad is OK. Our mom works for a company that insures those Tractor Trailers and she told us it could have been much worse!!!!!!

    That is very scary but again, your dad wasn't hurt and that is all that matters!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  9. Whew, thank Santa Paws that your daddy is ok. I bet there will be at least a few bones for you in your stocking. And we vote for being a bad pug but a pooing machine. Your odds are much better that way! Ha. I think we will try that route too.

    Kitty and Coco

  10. Oh Percy, that is so scary! I am SO glad your daddy is alright. Insurance and all of that stuff is so frustrating. I hope all works out for you guys.

    I also have a secret to tell you: I am a very naughty pug all year long and I still get a bone or two for Christmas! The mommas can't resist our cuteness! ;)

  11. Oh my goodness, Percy! I'm so glad your daddy is okay! Cars can be fixed or replaced (not fun, but it can be done).. but you're daddy can't be replaced!! Tell your mama that she shouldn't have to pay a deductible because it wasn't your daddy's fault--mr. truck driver should have to pay that. Then you can have more treats!

  12. Great blog Percy! Sorry to hear about your daddy, but happy to hear he is OK.

    Maddy & Owen

  13. oh noooo thank pugness your daddy is ok, bad timing yes.... but thank goodness that he didn't get hurts. Your daddy is the second of our blogging friends to have accident but no ones gots hurt. PHEW!


  14. I think that Daddy Puggle better remember that Baton Rouge is a bit bigger then Digby and he had better keep his eyes off his puggle treats and pay attention to the road. :(

    -Grampa Puggle