Sunday, December 5, 2010

Getting in the Christmas spirit

Two cats & a pug (who are also fellow CANADIANS!) are having a Christmas decorating contest  and since my mama and I really, really, really want to win a cute pug ornament for the tree we are blogging with our decorations.

So far we's got lights up! Daddy took me out to do my business and we sneaked this picture of mama working away! She spent all day out there. Then some of the night. She complained that a set of lights went out and how cold it was. (Its FREEZING here, I had to wear my jacket everytime we went outside today!) She wouldn't let me out on the balcony with her, she thinks I will fall off. Seesh. Daddy ran to the store to get her more lights for reasons unknown to this pug as she paid very little attention to me while "decorating" so I don't know why he would of went to get MORE lights....

She gave up for the night and made it this far...
She's trying to compete with her sister back in Canada who is obsessed with lights.. she is not done putting all of her lights up yet, but here's her house decked out. Mama's got a ways to go!

Mama says next step tree. Next next step keeping ME away from tree. Good thing is I don't bother cords/anything that plugs in, but I do bark at random inanimate objects that I am unfamiliar with (such as plastic bags), but we'll save that story for another blog post! Wish us luck in the contest, we wants that pug!


  1. My Auntie T pu our Christmas decorations up this weekend. She is real good.
    We got a thank you card from the electric company for being one of their BEST clients.
    Love Noodles

  2. Ohhh so pretty! Oh and mum says yup Crappy Tire the one place you don't wanna take the car to!

    We have entered yous into the contest good lucks

    Winston EH!

  3. We sure do like those decorations. Good luck
    Benny & Lily

  4. Percy we have a tree and I don't bother it at all. However we do have some foot-tall snowmen around the house and they get me all riled up. I bark and bark at them but they don't bark back. Weird.


  5. Vito - that's kinda like me and all inanimate objects, but that's a blog post I will try to do sometime soon. If it blows in the wind I bark at it...