Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Our dearest friends are moving today. Kelly & Ron and my pal MAC, so today I dedicate my blog post to Mac.

This is Mac (the golden guy) at the dog park. Mac's mom would take us to the park with her everytime she went. We will definitely miss that since my mama doesn't like driving in this city (she will only drive me to the dog park!)

Mac is an old geezer... he's 13 and he doesn't care much for me. Maybe its because his parents mush me and not him. But he does look out for me at the dog park to make sure other dogs aren't mean to me. Here he is with my pal Grits' tail in the back (the whitey) and there's Riley the terrier that molested me that day at the park. Mac never lets me get too close to him when we go to his place for coffee & the Today Show in the mornings (My mama has a crush on Matt Lauer). And when he comes here with his mommy he steals my bones off the floor and eats them. Sometimes I purposely leave them out for him to consume because I love him so much.

Mac is part golden part chow chow part something else I think. He is beautiful. He's one of the sweetest dogs my mama has ever met she said.

This is the picture of the closest Mac has ever got to me. (Note: this only would happen at the dog park)

There's the terrier trying to molest me again, but don't pay attention to that. Look at Mac's beautiful tail. I love it, it's so fluffy and out there and not curly like mine. I can actually grab it... and sometimes I do when we go for walks together. When I do that Mac teaches me not to and growls at me. He has been a great pack leader to me like that. He would never hurt me or eat me, just scare me. I am going to miss going on daily walks around our apartment complex with Mac.

Please think of Mac & his family as they travel back to their home state of Michigan for a safe journey and hope that my mom's favorite weather man Al Roker forecasts warmer weather up there, as his parents have got used to the warmth of Louisiana. Best of luck Mac, Kelly, and Ron - we will miss you!


  1. We just moved away, and miss our friends we left behind. But we figure it just adds to the "friend pool". The old ones stay friends, and we get new ones.

    Gracie the agility pug

  2. Thanks Gracie! Since mama and daddy moved here in July, the first people they really met and became good friends with were Mac's humans, so now it's back to the drawing board! We will miss them lots and hopefully have some more friends swimming in our friend pool soon. Do I need my lifejacket?
    xoxox Percy

  3. Hi Percy! Sorry your buddy moved away but we will be buddies with you if you like. We are Sequoia (the bigger younger pug) and Tuni (the old smaller puggie). Stop on by anytimes.

    Sequoia and Tuni Woons