Monday, November 29, 2010

Cool things I do

My mama and daddy got me when I was 8 weeks old. From that moment I have heard my mama say how good that daddy's mama is at teaching dogs tricks and how she wanted to be just as good. Here's a pic of me snuggling with a photo of my grandpuggyparents' dogs - Sammy the PUGGLE and Emma Lou the RESCUE. We are all American dogs with Canadian parents. It will probably be a long time before I meet them as it took mama and daddy 4 days to drive to Louisiana from Nova Scotia. I even have a 5x7 picture of them hanging above my crate because I love them so much.

The night I came to my home, my mama taught me how to come and my name. Then she taught me to sit. I figured if I was getting a treat everytime I sat, then I'd do it. Sometimes I sit just when I want to get a treat and sometimes my mama doesn't notice. So that's how it started, then every day my mom helped me learn new things. I can sit, shake, lay down, jump up, and take a bow. Oh I fetch sometimes too. (I also heel and drop things and stay) I learned all those by the time I was 10 weeks old. We're working on dancing and rolling over now. One more cool thing I do - I get out of the kitchen when mom says "Outta the kitchen" - a cool trick she picked up on from my grandpuggyparents, Sammy & Emma do it too. (Videos soon of my tricks, my mom is having technical difficulties)

Then my mom started to get sad because I wouldn't speak. She tried everything. She used a clicker and treats when I barked at weird things outside. Nope, didn't work. Then one day while my mom was eating CHEESE she looked into these sad puggy eyes and couldn't resist - she gave me a piece. And that's when I figured out how to beg and how to speak. My mom just kept saying speak about 10 times and then I started barking. And now I bark all the time, even if I'm not getting treats. I never made a peep before then. Not even a whine!

My mom can't teach me how to roll over. I'm still not quite sure what that is. But my grandpuggyparents taught Sammy how to roll over I guess and they just say Sammy 360 and he does it. And Emma Lou does this cool trick called BANG! where the grandpuggyparent pretends to shoot her (they make their hands look like a gun, must be something to do with people thumbs) and she plays dead. I can't wait to meet my grandpuggyparents at Christmas so they can teach me these cool tricks too! In the meantime, I will sleep and dream about them and dream about someday playing with Emma Lou and scheming with Sammy to figure out ways to get more treats/food/anything nutritional/not nutritional.......


  1. Hi Percy,

    You're pretty darn cute. And you know a lot of tricks. I think I'm in love :)


    Minnie Moo

  2. Hi Minnie, You're supercute too. I want to snuggle with you and play with your pug baby stuffie, but since distance is in issue I will dream about meeting you one day!
    xoxox, Perc

  3. Hi Percy! Southern Fried Pugs told us about your blog and we love it! You are adorable. And you seem to know a whole lot of tricks. I'm 3.5 years old and I don't know nearly that many tricks. I'm really stubborn though. But I can roll over, I just make my Mom say "Roll Tide!" (that's what she says when she wants me to roll over) 10 more times than she should have to, and then I do it. And then I get stuck on my back. Every single time.

    Look forward to catching up on your adventures!

    Vito (and Gina too!)

  4. Hi Percy! I, too, heard about your bloggy from the Southern Fried Pugs! You are such a little cutie, and I can't wait to hear more about your life and adventures!

  5. "Roll Tide! Roll Tide! Roll Tide!" - from my mama Are you rolling over Vito or are you stuck on your back? My mom thinks you are not rolling over. She thinks she can't get dogs to roll over for whatever reason. Thats so cute, I thought the 360 was a big deal, but ROLL TIDE is so much bigger!

    DW you are sooo cute too. We just read a few posts on your blog, and mama said tomorrow she's going to try to catch up on your adventures!

    xoxox Percy