Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Takin' it easy

Today I need to "take it easy" according to my mom (whatever that's supposed to mean...)
This is a picture of me "taking it easy" a few weeks ago.

The reason I have to "take it easy" is because on the weekend my mom went to this lousy store called the Dollar Tree (where everything is $1) and left me home. Because she didn't check her phone while she was gone, I missed out on a potential date with my girl puggy Penny, which I was so peeved about.
Anyway, mom is from a small town in Canada with a population of under 2500 people, so dollarstores are nice there and the quality is a little better than here. Everytime she goes out and leaves me home she comes home with a new toy (like my 94 cent stuffie from Walmart - see it in the picture with me?... which I love.. I have two of them) or a new treat. I forgot to mention - I love eating cheese because its one of the only things that agree with my tummy besides Science Diet.

So, mom goes to this dollarstore, it was kinda shady. She seen tons of stuffies and god knows why she didn't buy me one, but instead she seen these things called Beef Flavor Sticks (?) and thought I would like them. She thought they were just rawhides and I love rawhides. I hoard them in my Percy House and have about 30 in there at any given time, but I don't like to eat them, I like to save them. So mom thought, "oh,well let's try these" and got me the cheap, cheap sticks.(There were about 20 in a pack)

She came in and gave me one. YUM. I devoured it. Then I had another one that night. Then yesterday, I had another one, and another, and then mommy said I had too much. So I seen she put them on a barstool so I stood up, knocked her purse out of the way, and got a stick out of the pack for myself. Bad idea.

Last night I got up to go pee, or so mom thought. She was very tired so daddy took me. I pooped for him and as usual, he left it for mom to pick up, and he brought me in. It was dark so maybe he didn't notice that my poop was extra soft or that I had to poop so late and that's not my schedule. I'm not sure but I sure am glad he took me out when he did. He brought me in and put me in my crate, although I normally sleep in the bed. I was a good puggy although my tummy was rumbling and I didn't feel well, I didn't poop in my crate.

So mom gets up this morning, discovers I am not in the bed, remembers daddy took me out in the night, and finds me in my crate. Normally I will stay in there and grab one of my many hoarded rawhides to bring out with me before we go for a pee. Nope. Not today. My tummy was rumbing and I had to poop. I never poop right away. I always pee, come in, eat breakfast, go poop, come back in,sleep, then play. Everyday. But not today.

Mom was shocked. My poop was extra soft and the color of whatever those sticks were made of. So no more of the cheap sticks for me. Now I am back to normal poop, and I'm pretty sure it's because mom gave me a HUGE full piece of cheese everytime I "went" outside. Poop outside = cheese. Yup. I got this down pat.

Is there anything that makes your tummy rumbly?


  1. Hi Percy,Welcome to Bloggie World! My tummy got rumbly once when I ate a wood chip. First it rumbled and then I threw up - and threw up - and threw up! I had to visit my favorite EMERGENCY doctor who said I could not eat for 24 HOURS!!!! And then just a little boiled chicken!!!! Ugh! I will NEVER eat a wood chip again (yeah, right).
    Love Noodles

  2. Hey Noodles! Thanks for the welcome! I enjoy wood chips, cigarette butts, previously chewed & spit out gum, as well as my new favorite - acorns. My mom will take them all from me immediately. Occasionally she will let me eat a leaf or two. Oh and I pick up rocks but since they aren't as chewy as I expect I spit them out right away. I am glad your fave emerg doctor was able to help but it sucks you couldn't eat for a day!!!! Boiled chicken yuck! Bring on the CHEESE!
    Thanks Noodles!