Friday, November 26, 2010

American Pug Thanksgiving

Yesty was Thanksgiving. American Thanksgiving. Since I was born in the USA but my parents weren't, I celebrated by eating lots of whip cream and from the can and CHEESE. Mommy and daddy went somewhere without me (no dog friendly places here, ugh) called Golden Corral (which is some stupid buffet...pfft all you can eat - IMAGINE THAT!) for their dinner. They secretly love that place and they say it feels so good to go in but they feel bad when they come back home. Maybe they feel bad because they didn't even bring me a doggie bag....hmmm... but I think daddy got the stinky pug farts like me...
 Then - get this - afterwards my mom texted my pug girlfriend's mama to wish her a happy Thanksgiving and she said if she would of known they were doin' that Golden Corral thing she would of had us over for supper. Which means I probably would have been fed and I would of seen Penny. We are super thankful for them!

After dinner my parents took off again in the middle of the night for something called Black Friday. I wondered if Penny went too as she is the prettiest blackie pug everrrrrr, then I remembered there aren't many dog friendly places here. It was their first time doing this thing and they camped out in a line at Walmart for 5 hours for a laptop they wanted. The old one was great but bit the dust Wednesday night. Mom knew it was going to break and was hoping to make it til American Thanksgiving before it did. RIP Canada Laptop April 2009-November 2010. (Also why we haven't blogged in a few days) I guess the good thing was when they got home at 5:30 am, I was fed an early breakfast and I knew mommy and daddy were tired so we slept a good chunk of the day away. Now mom feels like a zombie and daddy is gone to the airport to pick up a VIP from home, daddy's boss! We loves him and now he is moving here too, so we will have a fellow Canadian living in our city! Horrah!

This picture is of me in my jacket because it was like 35 degrees here today aka very cold. I had to wear this jacket today and totally need a new one (hint hint Daddy...) cuz I've grown and this one is too small... It also rained cats and dogs (although I didn't see one fall from the sky - I looked!) so it was super dooper cold. Maybe Santa pug will bring me new clothes and warm jackets and treats and cheese and everything else yummy.....

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