Sunday, November 28, 2010

Juicy Pug Farts

Today I'm blogging about my juicy pug farts, as mom calls them. Just for my first commenter ever, Wilma (please read her bloggy too - if there's anyone out there reading this!)

You see, ever since I started eating Science Diet (which I love) I've had these juicy pug farts. Science Diet puppy smells just like it tastes, a combination of the scent of fish oil mixed with some Percy poop. My mom believes because there is so much fish oil in it that it makes my farts juicy sometimes, especially at night. They are stinky and it started off as a joke...I would have a pug fart on the couch and mom & dad would say how much it stunk. Mom said it smelt like it was fresh and it was juicy. Honestly it smells worse than any dog or pug fart she's ever smelt on the face of the earth. I feel embarrassed every single time I fart.

This is pre juicy pug farts, right here I coulda ripped one in mama's face but I didn't.

I love laying on my mom's lap while she is playing on the computer and reading other pug blogs. Its my favorite place to lay down. Anywhoo, one night I felt a JPF coming on... and mom was wearing jammies that were flood pants (she swears they shrink everytime she washes them)... so I said pfft and let 'er rip. Bad idea. It really was a juicy pug fart. I ACTUALLY expelled some type of brown poop like watery substance on my mom's exposed ankle. I felt terrible, I mean I know she was joking about these juicy pug farts, I really didn't want to do it, but the body had to make a choice, either continue sleeping in my favorite lap and let 'er rip, or get up and be uncomfortable and cranky and expell a nice JPF on the floor. I close option A. My mom was peeved but laughed so hard and ran and told daddy as she sanitized her leg. I felt relief.

This is mid juicy pug fart....

And this... get after the juicy pug fart

Anyone else have the JPF problem, or am I alone?


  1. First, you are adorable!

    Aw Percy, goo-ing on your human is not good. Funny, but not good. We used to do that when we were babies, but not anymore. When you have firmer poops, that stuff is taken care of naturally. If it keeps happening and you start butt scooting, that usually means your anal glands need to be expressed. It's just as gross as it sounds.

    Cause you're still a baby, it might take a while for your little body to adjust. Our mom gives us a probiotic to help us digest our food. We get it and our foster brother and sister who are seniors get it with every meal. It helps with the farts, too.

    Nice to meet you!
    Tallulah, Petunia, Quincy and Isabelle
    The Southern Fried Pugs

  2. Thanks Southern Fried Pugs! I will tell my mom of this probiotic to help with my stink, and sometimes juicy, pug farts... toot toot!!

  3. Awww sweet Percy!!! It's okay... My boxer brother used to have the worst farts ever!!!! I think that maybe you should try the probiotic... That may help!

    Glad to meet you!
    Lola over at the Monster Crew

  4. Oh Percy, don't be embarrassed, let 'em rip, loud and proud. Lola and the Southern Frieda are right. Once younger a little older, your poop juice should slow right down. And yes, the probiotics should help too. Thanks for the shout out Percy. Remember, no excuses!

  5. My mom says my poop doesn't juice anymore, good and solid, but we are still gonna try probiotics for the stinky pug farts. My mom thinks the cheese helps too. I get a piece of CHEESE after each poop. When I was an even smaller puglet, I had high levels of coccidia in my tummy... and took this medicine called albon for 3 months til I was better. After the yucky albon was done I started having normal poops. Horrah!

  6. PS Thanks everyone for reading & for probiotic fart advice!

  7. Percy, that picture of you post-JPF made me bark out loud! HA HA HA HA!!!

    Sometimes my PF's (not JPF's thank goodness!) make my Mom's eyes water. Luckily that's not very often!