Monday, November 22, 2010


My name is Percy Coco. I am a 5 month old pug. I love eating cheese. This picture is me and my girlfriend Penny. Our moms met at the dog park.

I live in Louisiana and my parents are both from Canada. They moved here cuz my daddy took a work transfer and my mommy tagged along. She is home all day and they both wanted to have a pug in Canada but where they lived they weren't allowed to have pets. So when they got here they found me in Mississippi and came and got me. They tried to rescue two pugs first but the pug rescue people said they were too sick and mommy and daddy couldn't adopt them. They were sad and a month later they found me.

We read lots of pug blogs like The Daily Puglet and I have been begging my mommy to blog about me. She says I am the center of attention when we go to the dog park. I love people and dogs, except for terriers because they either a) attack me or b) hump me. 

We went to a Pug meetup yesterday but not many people came. We were disappointed because the pug owners there was so irresponsible and not aware of pug health issues. The puggies were all Fatty McFats. One pug was overheating and it was hot in Louisiana so we felt bad. We didn't stay long. Maybe next time we will have a better pug meetup and it will be cooler out. How about your pug meetups? Does anyone find many pug owner's aren't aware of our health issues? Do you educate them to the best of your pugbilities?

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